Board of Directors and Advisors

Mr. Tung Yap, President

Mrs. Rany Lushinski, Vice President & Treasurer

Ms. Sophorn Holl

Mr. Boran Tum

Mr. Hean Yuth

Mr. John Yuth

Mr. Kau Our

Mrs. Marie Chea

Mr. Montha Ok

Dr. Nicole Ung

Mrs. Sarem Neou

Mr. Vibol Tan

Advisors: Mr. Mong Heng, Mr. Van Sar, Mr. Mike Benge


Past Presidents

Mr. Mong Heng, Serving years 2005-2007

Mr. Tung Yap, Serving years 2007-2011

Mr. Mong Heng, Serving Years 2011-2012 


Cambodian Americans for Human Rights and Democracy (CAHRAD)

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