Board of Directors and Advisors

Mr. Tung Yap, President

Mrs. Rany Lushinski, Vice President & Treasurer

Mr. Hean Yuth

Mr. John Yuth

Mrs. Marie Chea

Dr. Nicole Ung

Mr. Peter Sia

Mr. Ricky So

Mrs. Seda Nak

Mr. Sokphay Chann

Mr. Vibol Tan

Advisors: Mr. Mong Heng, Mr. Van Sar, Mr. Mike Benge, Mr. Jiahn-Yih Wu


Past Presidents

Mr. Mong Heng, Serving years 2005-2007

Mr. Tung Yap, Serving years 2007-2011

Mr. Mong Heng, Serving Years 2011-2012 


Cambodian Americans for Human Rights and Democracy (CAHRAD)

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